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ਖ਼ (khhakhhkhha) khakhkhaa paer-bindi - khha

oorhaa airhaa eerhee sassaa haahaa
kakkaa khakhkhaa gaggaa ghaggaa nganngaa
chachchaa chhachhchhaa jajjaa jhajjaa njannjaa
tainkaa thaththaa daddaa dhaddaa nhaanhaa
tattaa thaththaa daddaa dhaddaa nannaa
pappaa phaphphaa babbaa bhabbaa mammaa
yayyaa raaraa lallaa vavvaa rhaarhaa
shashashaa khhakhhkhha ghagghaa zazzaa faffaa


ਖ਼ - ਖ਼ਖ਼ਾ - khhakhhkhha - khakhkhaa paer-bindi form of the seventh letter of the Gurmukhi alphabet

Name: khhakhhkhha


Spelling: ਖ਼ਖ਼ਾ

Sound: 'kh' as the 'ch' in the Scottish pronunciation of 'loch' but with the point where the tongue touches the soft palette a little further back - see note*.

Type: Consonant

*Note: The sound of the consonant has an implicit 'a' after it so, unless a vowel sound is specified, it will have the implicit 'a' if it has a vowel sound.

It is possible for a consonant to run into the next consonant without an 'a' between them.

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