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Sikh Software

The following pages provide free Sikh software for you to download and use.

Forward Gurmukhi Fonts

We have provided the most popular range of Gurmukhi fonts.

Forward Gurmukhi Unicode Conversion Application

Gurmukhi Unicode Conversion Application (GUCA) is an application that is designed to convert ASCII encoded, font-based Gurmukhi text (usually Punjabi) into Unicode. It is available free-of-charge for both commercial and non-commercial use. In addition, you may incorporate any aspect of this program in your own applications as long as your applications are open source.

Forward Gurmukhi Unicode Type

Gurmukhi Unicode Type is an application by Sikhnet that is designed to type Gurmukhi text in Unicode.

Forward Sikhi To The MAX II

Sikhi To The MAX II software is a desktop search engine with some new features and presentation methods. These include Microsoft Powerpoint displays, Adobe Acrobat output and rich text and Akhand Paath scrolling. This is a great application for gurdwaras and schools.

Forward Sikhi To The MAX Everywhere

SikhiToTheMax is now developed by Khalis Foundation as seva to the panth and is working hard to ensure it lives up to its name.

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