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I Am A Sikh

Early Gursikhs

A Gursikh is a Sikh fully devoted to the true Guru. Guru comes from 'gu' meaning darkness and 'ru' meaning light. "dispels the darkness of ignorance ('gu'), and proclaims enlightenment ('ru'). It is the application of the formula to make our life excellently balanced and successful."

Sikh, literally "learner", is the follower of the true Guru who lives his life according to his teachings.

"One who calls himself a Gursikh of the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hours and meditate on the Lord's Name."
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji in Raag Gauri on Ang 305.

A Gursikh does not cut hair or trim beard. He does not take alcohol. He never bows before anyone other than Guru Granth Sahib. A Gursikh man can be identified as a person with unshorn hair, flowing beard and turban. He visits Gurdwara Sahib regularly and is fond of doing sewa and simran.

Gursikhs are required to walk on the Guru's Path, as described by fourth master, Guru Ram Das: "Gursikha meeth chalahu gur chaalee", O Sikhs of the Guru, O friends, walk on the Guru's Path.

A Gursikh does not add caste as suffix to his name. Gursikh is a person who lives his life according to the tenets of Sikhism. A Gursikh works for the welfare of whole humanity.

The following are articles of prominent early Gursikhs.

Forward Baba Atal Rai - was son of Guru Hargobind Ji born on 23 October 1619. He died at the tender age of nine years.

Forward Baba Budha - one of the first Gursikhs.

Forward Baba Makhan Shah Lubana - and how he found the true Guru.

Forward Bhai Bala - who was Bhai Bala?

Forward Bhai Bhagatu - was a devoted Sikh who served the Fifth, Sixth and the Seventh Guru's.

Forward Bhai Bidhi Chand - was a Sikh warrior and religious preacher of Guru Arjan Sahib Ji and Guru Hargobind Ji for most of his life.

Forward Bhai Gurdas - was a brilliant scholar, poet and nephew of Guru Amar Das Ji.

Forward Bhai Jhanda - was grandson of Bhai Bhana, the youngest son of the venerable Baba Budha.

Forward Bhai Kanhaiya - Sikhi produced Bhai Kanhaiya, more than 100 years before the inception of the Red Cross.

Forward Bhai Lalo - was known for his association with the first guru of the sikhs, Guru Nanak Sahib Ji.

Forward Bhai Langha - is a well-known figure in early Sikh history. His father Abu ul-Khair was a Muslim convert.

Forward Bhai Mani Singh - one of the most famous martyrs in Sikhism.

Forward Bhai Mardana - was the first follower and longtime companion of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, the founder of Sikhi.

Forward Bhai Mati Das - read about the sacrifice of Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dyal Das for the Sikh faith.

Forward Bhai Munj - was a hindu that converted and became Guru Arjan Sahib Ji's Sikh.

Forward Bhai Nandlal - was a great scholar of Persian and one of the fifty-two poets of Guru Gobind Singh.

Forward Bhai Tiratha - read about prominent Sikhs by the name of Bhai Tiratha.

Forward Mian Mir - Mian Mir was a close friend of Guru Arjan Sahib Ji.

Forward Pir Budhu Shah - was a venerated sufi pir.

Forward More Gursikhs

A special message to those that allow themselves to be called 'Sants' (Saints) or those that call others 'Sants' (Saints)

Please do not dishonour the memory of those above.

It is not good enough to allow your followers or others to do this on your behalf and is a sign of disrespect.

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