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I Am A Sikh

Gurmat Gyan Articles - English

Gurmat Gyan or Guru's Teachings or Knowledge. Under this section, articles explaining different aspects of Gurmat and other articles will be uploaded.




Forward A foolish person with wealth is wise - perhaps we need to stop and look within.

Forward A lost Gurmat tradition that needs to be revived - we should learn from the Children of Israel, who still maintain their scriptures in the traditional format.

Forward A Sikh of the Guru - read again and again until it sinks in.

Forward Advice for Sikh husbands - marriage guidance?

Forward Amritvela's importance - amritvela is a highly productive time for Naam Japna.

Forward Analysis of words ਸਿਵ ਸਕਤਿ as used In Gurbani - some non-Sikhs try to twist gurbani malicously.

Forward Analysis of words ਸਰਮ or ਸ੍ਰਮੁ as used in Gurbani - gurbani is very deep and it contains many words in different meanings.

Forward Anand Karaj - an empty ritual?

Forward Animal Slaughter - billions of farmed animals are slaughtered every year by humans.

Forward Ardas in romanised english - useful for those who have not yet learnt Gurmukhi.

Forward Are we lost? - follow the guru

Forward Avoiding ਨਦਰਿ ਉਪਠੀ at all cost - it's very hard to turn ਨਦਰਿ ਉਪਠੀ into ਵਡ ਕਟਾਖ.


Forward Battle of Bhagats in mystical realms - gursikhs can never lose a battle because both fateh and Gursikhs belong to Waheguru.

Forward Bhai Kartar Singh's words of wisdom - lessons for all.

Forward Bhindranwale's thoughts on "Gurbani has all answers" - original speech translated into english.


Forward Caste system - recognize God's light within all.

Forward Chanchal cheet (mann) - this cheet (mann) is so chanchal that it does not stay focused for one moment.

Forward Children of God - it is the duty of the children of God to always defend the truth.

Forward Choice - what would you choose?

Forward Cold showers - some benefits of taking a cold shower!


Forward Darshan - a true story of the Guru's darshan.

Forward Dead cat and the contaminated well - if you fail to heed to the message, the dead cat will remain.

Forward Degh - how to make degh

Forward Detailed vichaar on mangal prabandh of Gurbani - consistency of Gurbani headings as per historical Guru Granths.

Forward Distractions - its so easy to forget and get distracted...

Forward Diverse living of devotees - divine love or a life of worldliness craving?

Forward Do we go to our food or does the food come to us? - one is pushed around by one's karma (past actions).

Forward Does previous bad karma get erased after being Amrit Chhak? - perhaps, but can you keep it that way?

Forward Dying to the Shabad - do you follow the bits of the Guru's shabad that you like and ignore the bits that are difficult to apply?


Forward Extracting maximum anand from Gurbani - only when you can control your mind.


Forward Fallen Sikhs - how to treat someone who has become a Patit?

Forward Five spheres mentioned in Sri Jap Ji Sahib - the science of Gurbani is greater than all sciences of this earth.

Forward Four cardinal blessings and how to get them - it is rare for a person to obtain all four cardinal substances during a lifetime.


Forward Gurbani's two fold mission - guru-roop and mantar-roop.

Forward Gurmat bibek on speaking - may we always speak according to gurmat.

Forward Gurmat fear bibek - this fear is not the same as the fear that the worldly people have.

Forward Gurmat vs ahimsa parmo dharma - 'ahimsa' means non-violence, 'parmo' means greatest and 'dharma' means duty or religion.

Forward Gurmukh moorakh and manmukh moorakh - who is the fool?

Forward Gurmukh Sikhs - an aspiration for all.

Forward Gurmukhi Baana - khalsa attire.


Forward Hair - a divine gift

Forward Hardeghi Chamach - chamache Sikhs

Forward Heaven and hell? - no, aspire for something better.

Forward Horse and cart - follow hukam and Waheguru Ji takes care of us.

Forward Horse Riding - For real Sikhs, the importance of keeping horses and horse riding is essential. Sikhs have have always had an association with horses.

Forward Hola Mahalla tradition - celebrates the bravery of the Khalsa.

Forward How do you follow religion? - do you ask for a lot of things in your prayers but carry out little seva?

Forward How karma affects different kinds of Sikhs - this depends on the type of Sikh.

Forward How to get your wishes fulfilled - relies on your relationship with Waheguru.

Forward How to pull out of hopeless situations? - at some point in life we all encounter problems to some extent.

Forward Hukam Versus Haumai - two paths in life.


Forward Ik Onkar Satgurprasad - the true guru.

Forward Invasions of Sri Harmandir Sahib - successive regimes have sought to interfere with its management and influence.

Forward Is dukh unavoidable? - sukh and dukh cannot be avoided 'mostly'...

Forward It's my life! - don't tell me!



Forward Kaljug characteristics - in Kaljug, fools are considered to be wise and wise are derided as fools.

Forward Kanjoos makhi-choos gurmukhs - kanjoos are those people who love to collect wealth but hate to spend it.

Forward Karaah Parshaad - has many meanings.

Forward Karam - good and bad actions.

Forward Karma and free will - we reap what we sow...

Forward Katha - katha meanings.


Forward Larivaar Saroop - be loyal to Guru Sahib.

Forward Larivaar Saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Larivaar is where Gurbani is written in continuous form, with no breaks in between the words of Gurbani.

Forward Law of karma and advice against committing suicide - deliberately killing oneself is not the solution to anything.

Forward Living in the fear of the Guru - fear means to obey the hukams of Guru Sahib.

Forward Lost necklace - in the pond of maya.


Forward Mahatma Gandhi will fall in churasi again and again - until he becomes a Sikh.

Forward Manmukh Sikhs - the opposite of Gurmukhs.

Forward Medicine is given according to the disease - can it be justice that one sows poison but wants to reap Amrit.

Forward Mushtaq - longing of something.


Forward Naam Baani For Personal Gain - I have made God my friend for my selfish needs...

Forward Need Or Greed? - most people ask for these things from God because of selfish motives.

Forward News for Gurmukhs and News for worldly people - gursikhs and worldly people have different priorities and aims in life.

Forward Nirbhau - beyond fear.

Forward Nice Cup of Tea - or are you too full?



Forward Policeman - such as khalsa of waheguru.

Forward Positive in sinful actions - patit-oaavan means one who cleans or redeems or delivers a sinner.

Forward Power Of Khalsa - a downward Trend

Forward Printing padd-chhed Birs is maha-manmatt - some through their manmatt (limited intelligence) print original Baani as "ਪੂਰਿਬਿ ਧਾਈ".

Forward Profound vichaar on haume and its 5 Forms - may we realise our haume and free ourselves.


Forward Qualities of a Sanmukh Sikh - there are four salient characteristics of a sanmukh.

Forward Question of faith - just because you can't see something it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Forward Real majnoos vs worldly majnoos - majnoo literally means crazy in love.

Forward Relationship of Daya and Dharma in Gurmat - is it important to live the life of a family-person.

Forward Reminder - tell me what God looks like, I'm beginning to forget...

Forward Riddle - the ponds of the beautiful garden.

Forward Rose - sometimes we get distracted by the creation and we forget the creator.

Forward Rose bed - wasting ones life.


Forward Sangat of some people - takes one to hell...

Forward Sant - analysis of the word.

Forward Shabad surat graph - shows a manmukh's transformation to gurmukh.

Forward Sharing in his name - sometimes our toleration threshold is shorter than we realise.

Forward Simplicity - who are we to say where God is or is not?

Forward Solution to all problems - 'your command is upon my head, and I no longer question it.'

Forward Spiritual discussion - between a husband and wife.

Forward Sri Bavan Akhri - our questions and Guru Sahib's answers.

Forward Sri Onkar - our questions and Guru Sahib's answers.

Forward Stone Idol - god is not limited to a stone.

Forward Still Shining - it gets dark at night, but does the sun stop shining?


Forward The humble are pleasing to Waheguru - a proud person is not acceptable in the eyes of waheguru.

Forward The shawl becomes heavier as it gets wet - without meeting the satguru, sins keep increasing in the mind.

Forward The three merchants and peak hour sales - we can be like the smart merchant.

Forward The true guru is lost! - No man or organization should print the 'Padd-Chhed Bir'.

Forward Thirsty - when a person is truly thirsty they will run to the river with full determination.

Forward True Friends - 'in this world, I have seen love to be false.'

Forward Trust - do you trust in Satguru?

Forward Two Mice - your chance to do simran.


Forward Unpardonable Sin - is the aim of Panth today, to eliminate the Larivaar Saroop that is the real Guru on the throne of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji?


Forward Vichaar on Sikh historians - Sikhs have made a lot of history but have failed to accurately record it.

Forward Vichaar on Waheguru Ji's compassion - may Guru Sahib deliver us through compassionate nature.


Forward Waheguru or science? - what are the chances?

Forward What does a Sikh look like? - Sikhs have a distinct identity.

Forward What is the greatest quality of a faqir? - Bhai Attar Singh Ji asked his companions...

Forward What name would you give me? - one who has had no spiritual experience is the most unfortunate.

Forward When one is very well-off - then one seldom remembers Waheguru.

Forward Who is brave according to Gurbani? - the truly courageous person is such who destroys the evil from within.

Forward Why do we like to sin? - we have to make it a habit to not sin.

Forward Why don't Sikhs cut their hair? - it is an acceptance of God's will and living as nature intended.

Forward Without the rehat (code of conduct) - he should not be called a Sikh...



Forward Yoga (Jogmat) and Gurmat - yoga is not the Sikh way.


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