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The Three Merchants And Peak Hour Sales

There were 3 merchants and each one of them owned a shop in such locality where majority of sales took place during the 3 peak hours of the day. These hours were not suitable for the merchants because they clashed with their other commitments.

The first merchant was outright stupid and ignorant and did not realize the importance of opening his shop during peak hours. He did not open his shop during the rush hours and as such totally missed sales during that time. For obvious reasons, he was posting records losses, year after year.

The second merchant was a bit lazy and careless. He did used to manage to open his shop during the peak hours but either slept once he opened his shop or remained distracted. He did used to manage to get some benefit of opening the shop during peak hours but still lost a lot of sales by sleeping in his shop or by remaining distracted. He also incurred a lot of losses because of theft incidents while he slept in his shop. He was barely breaking-even as far as profits were concerned.

The third merchant was smart. He not only opened his shop right on time and much before the peak hours but he also stayed awake and concentrated on maximizing the sales during this period. He did not let his mind get distracted and focused on sales alone. He also kept his eyes open for thieves and thus avoided theft-related losses. He made huge profits, year after year and his customers were very happy with him.

I hope we can be like the smart merchant and ensure that we don't lose peak hours related sales and avoid thefts during this time.

Kulbir Singh

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