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Shabad Surat Graph

Shabad Surat Graph

This graph shows us two things :

1) A Surat-Vikaar relationship graph

As you can see, the Surat Axis leads one towards Nirankaar, while the Vikaar Axis leads one's Surat towards Sansaari Padaraths (and needless to say, away from Nirankaar). We are all born at 0 level, but our surroundings, our Sangat, or in other words the feed we give to our Indriyan, decides where our Surat lands on this graph. To explain the graph in detail, let us consider three situations :

Situation 1: Whereby the person moves by Axis 0A. This is the case with the majority. They do not get any feed of correct Gyan, so they keep becoming Vikaari and apparently their Surat (Dhyan) in Waheguru is grounded ie. remains 0. In other words, "Oh Sansaar vich rujh ke Nirankaar nu bhul jaande han"

Situation 2: Whereby the person is luckier and gets birth in a religious family or gets the sangat of Satguru. Their Surat keeps dwendelling between Surat Axis and Vikaar axis, until they are able to win over their 'Man'. So, they follow the 0C ray. The reason why these people are luckier is because they get the right kind of environment to build up a morally and ethically sound character. Some blessed ones of such people, by practising Guru's Gyan in their life, are able to attain the awastha of "Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhyaye". Various examples can be quoted here from Sikh Itihaas. And exeptions like Bhagat Prahlad Ji, Bhagat Kabir Ji are there, who, despite all odds are able to attain this Supreme awastha.

Situation 3: These are the rarest and most precious gems that can arrive in this world. From birth, they have tremendous control over their Surat, and Vikaar can not even come close to their thoughts. Thereby, they follow the 0B axis, which means 0 Vikaar, and infinite Surat. They literally define Guru Gobind Singh Ji's words "Chubi Rahi Surat Prabh Charnan Meh".

Two examples that I can think of : Guru Nanak and Guru Arjun Dev Ji (pls. note that this reference is just to the first and fifth Mahela(Sharir) of the Guru Jot, and does not mean the birth or death of Guru Jot ) It is well known from verses of Bhai Gurdas , that at Guru Nanak's Prakash, he did not cry like other babies do, because even while entering this world, unha di Surat Parmatma naal nahi tuti.

Similarly, Bhattan ne Guru Arjun Sahib Ji de bare keha hai " Teh Janmat Gurmat Brahm Pachaneo" meaning, Guru Arjun Dev Ji ne Janam toh hi Gurmat rahi Brahm nu pachan leya si. Es toh asi eh sikhiya layiye, ki jad tak asi apne jiwan toh vikar kad nahi dende, sadi Surat oh shikhar te nahi pahuch payegi, jiste Guru Sahib sanu pahuchana chahnde han.

2) Secondly, agar tusi gaur farmao, this graph also shows a Manmukh's transformation to Gurmukh. Every Jiv's ultimate destination is point B and beyond. We are all trying to attain that status in our own way. Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib's shabad "Bahut Janam Bharmat teh Haryo, asthir mat nahi paayi, Manas Janam Paaye Pad Har Bhaj Nanak Baat Batayi " explains our spiritual being today and advises us not to waste this precious Manas Janam.

People belonging to the 0A axis and those belonging to the 0C ray, when they bring Sewa, Simran, Shabad Di Kamai into thier life, they keep shifting towards point B gradually.

Sabh de charna vich Sanjhi ardaas (Benti to everyone) : " Jad asi es manukha janam vich oh Paramgat prapat kar sakde ha, te agle awsar (probably after 84 lakh joon) di wait kyo kariye. Guru Rehmat kare, asi es Manukha janam di potentiality nu pehchaniye, te Guru Sahib de hukam nu samajh ke apne jiwan vich kamaiye. Guru kirpa sadka, apni Indriyan nu Vikari khyalan toh/Nindya toh door rakh sakiye, taki Surat vich vada hove"

Kulbir Singh

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