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Stone Idol

There was a pundit who lived in a small town. This pundit would always pray to a stone idol everyday. In this small town there also lived a very simple farmer, he was very innocent and childlike in his ways.

One day the simple farmer was passing the pundits praying area and saw the pundit with the stone. He asked the pundit 'Pundit Ji, why do you have this stone? I have my cows because they give me milk, what does this stone do for you?' The pundit replied 'This stone is God, if you pray to this stone then all your affairs will be taken care of.'

The farmer was amazed by this and asked the pundit if he could also have a stone. The pundit gave the farmer any old stone and wrapped it in an old cloth and then gave it to him. The farmer was so grateful and then he rushed home.

He made some food for himself and then he sat on the floor and put the stone in front of him. He said with love 'God, please come and bless this food. I want you to come. I give you my heart with my love. I don't know how to worship, if there is a fault it is in me, it cannot be in you. If you are upset with me then I am worthless, if you leave me then I am deeply saddened. So now, God, please come, I love you, please come.'

Then a light appeared, and this light caressed the farmer's spirit. Then, in a flash, the farmer's house was cleaned and all chores were completed. The farmer was so happy.

The next day he saw the pundit and thanked him. He told the pundit that he was so grateful that he had given him the opportunity to meet God. The pundit thought the farmer had gone mad and decided to go to the farmer's house and sure enough he saw that the farmer's house was immaculate and smelt beautiful.

The pundit thought to himself on his way home 'I've been worshipping the real stone for so many years and nothing has ever come of it. The farmer worshipped a worthless stone and God revealed himself to him. How can this be?'

Then he realised that if the farmer was able to meet God without the real stone, then God can't be in the stone. He realised that all it takes is True Innocent Love.

Saach Kahou Sun Leho Sabeh, Jin Prem Keeyo Thin Hee Prabh Paayo
I Speak The Truth So Listen All, Whosoever Gives True Love Shall Meet God
- Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj

Stones and Stone idols do not matter, all it takes is real love.

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