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Still Shining

It gets dark at night, but does the sun stop shining?

I switch off the TV, but has the 24-hour station stopped transmitting?

In the same way, I may close my eyes to God's existence, but God hasn't abandoned me. Love and light permeate throughout Creation whether I accept it or not.

A Sikh shopkeeper said, 'You are lucky you have Guru's kirpa (grace) on you, whereas I'm still waiting for it.' To which I replied, 'Guru's kirpa is on every single being, but because of our own ego we can't see it. Like the same sun shines on everybody's house, whether it's a Christian or Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. It's not the Sun's fault if we shut all the doors and draw all the curtains!'

Guru Granth Sahib Ji says that between us and God is the curtain of ego. But this curtain is thinner than a butterfly's wing!!!! Yet the whole world is suffering from the chronic disease of ego. All we have to do is follow Hukam, God's order as in Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the curtain will be pulled aside.

Kirpa is on everyone, don't blame Guru Ji, blame ego if you can't see it. Guru Ji has given us the blueprints, we have to do the construction and build our Jivan - Spiritual Life.

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