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A family had just had a new edition to their family, it was a baby boy. The family already had a three-year old daughter.

Everyday the daughter used to say to its parents that she wanted to sit with the baby on her own. At first the parents ignored her plea, but she would not stop. They began to worry that the daughter had become jealous of the attention that the new-born was receiving and maybe she wanted to harm the baby in some way. They didn't know what to do...

She did not stop asking to be alone with the baby, eventually the parents gave up and told her that she could sit with the baby for half an hour. The time came for the girl to look after the baby...

The parents watched through the crack of the door to make sure she didn't do anything hurtful to the baby. They saw her go over to the baby's cot and then she put her head next to the baby's head and she whispered in its ear...

"Tell me what God looks like, because I'm beginning to forget..."

All that time she just wanted to remind herself of what God looked like, because when she was a newborn she also knew God and now she had begun to miss him...

A lesson in "Innocence" and "Personalism (The personal need to keep things Gupt - i.e. to yourself)"

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