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Naam Baani For Personal Gain

Below is a very humble translation of an article from Gurmat Naam Abhyaas Kamaayee. In this article Bhai Sahib has very forcefully and passionately written about the paaras Kala of Gurbani. Bhai Sahib writes that even if Paath is done for a worldly reason, it ultimately is good.

Book: Gurmat Naam Abhyaas Kamaayee
Article: Parmarath te Suyarath layee Naam Baani
Page No: 113
Edition - 11th edition (year 1999)

Those persons who do Naam jaap and recite Gurbani for a worldly cause, though they first engage in this divine service because of their personal and selfish aim, but due to the intensity of their worldly aim, they do heavy paath and simran. Since Naam and Gurbani are Paaras-roop, by touching this nectar-like substance (Gurbani / Naam), the paaras kala of Gurbani is invoked and because of this, the servant of Naam Gurbani starts feeling the Rass (actual physical taste) of it and the concentration (surtee) of the servant changes from the worldly aim to the spiritual aim of life. Then the abhyaas of Naam and recitation of Gurbani is done only for the purpose of getting Rass from it. This way, the spiritual touching of Nectar-like Paras-Substance (Naam Gurbani) by the surthee takes it to the pinnacles of spirituality.

The continuous sewa of Gurbani, changes the intelligence of the servant from worldly focus to the spiritual focus because in reality whole of Gurbani's aim or purpose is to bring it's servants to the spiritual heights. The divine service of Gurbani and Naam done for the high purpose of spiritual attainment, automatically fulfills the worldly needs of the servant.

Up until the state of Naam-Rassak-Bairaagi (the ultimate Naam Avastha) there is always the peril or danger of getting embroiled in the Ridhi-Sidhi (psychic powers) powers but the truthful seekers and real-lovers of spirituality don't get stuck in Ridhis Sidhis and they consider this kind of stuff as bonds of attachment. The intensive sewa of Gurbani enables one to realise that Ridhis Sidhis are just bonds of attachment and this is why they don't get stuck in it. On top of this realization the sewa of Gurbani and the kamaayee of Naam brings such Anand (bliss) to the servant that he or she totally makes an about-turn from Ridhi Sidhi. So much so that they don't even realize how much ridhi sidhi they have. They are totally engaged in the anand of Naam / Gurbani.

"Apne lobh ko keeno meeth" ( I have made God my friend for my selfish needs) like pankitis (lines) are nothing but the truth and there is no doubt in the truthfulness of such Gurvaaks. Few unsavoury experiences that we hear about occur because in reality such people don't touch the Paaras of Gurbani and they don't do unbroken continuous kamaayee (service, earnings) of Gurbani. To please people, they pretend to do kamaayee in front of them and do it only for short period of time. They don't do any kamaayee but only do "pupp pupp". On such people, "Raam Raam sabh ko kahae, Kahiyae Raam na hoye" like Gurbani hukams fully apply. Their condition is such as the condition of guru-less manmukhs who are devoid of the proper jugti (method) of Naam Abhyaas is and who try to imitate Gurmukhs in doing Naam Abhyaas. In reality they don't do abhyaas of Gurmat Naam and nor they have received Naam with proper method and way, from the house or door of the Guru. They may continue to do "papp papp" and they may move their lips to show people but their doing Naam abhyaas in such fashion does not even get classified as Naam Abhyaas.

Ones who write Gurbani with utmost respect will get delivered from this world ocean. The writers of Gurbani definitely get delivered in the end. Compositors, Machine-men, booksellers who disrespectfully print Gurbani's pothis and sell them for money are very far from getting delivered from this world ocean. Ones who's profession is to sell Gurbani for money and to do pakhand of doing sewa in this way, Paaras Kala of Gurbani can never work on them. By rubbing the fingers of hands on Gurbani words will not get paaras kala and nor will paaras kala come by doing numerous maala of simran until and unless one gets Naam from Punj Pyaray with full Gurmat Maryada. And if after Naam attainment, the servant gets engaged in wrongful (anti-gurmat) activities, then too his or her simran of maala will not get successful.

Mehtab Singh

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