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Medicine Is Given According To The Disease

ਜੈਸੇ ਤਉ ਅਨੇਕ ਰੋਗੀ ਆਵਤ ਹੈਂ ਬੈਦ ਗ੍ਰਿਹਿ
ਜੈਸੋ ਜੈਸੋ ਰੋਗ ਤੈਸੋ ਅਉਖਧੁ ਖੁਵਾਵਈ ॥
ਜੈਸੇ ਰਾਜ ਦ੍ਵਾਰ ਲੋਗ ਆਵਤ ਸੇਵਾ ਨਮਿਤ
ਜੋਈ ਜਾਹੀਂ ਜੋਗ ਤੈਸੀ ਟਹਿਲ ਬਤਾਵਈ ॥
ਜੈਸੇ ਦਾਤਾ ਪਾਸ ਜਨ ਅਰਥੀ ਅਨੇਕ ਆਵੈਂ
ਜੋਈ ਜੋਈ ਜਾਚੈ ਦੇ ਦੇ ਦੁਖਨ ਮਿਟਾਵਈ ॥
ਤੈਸੇ ਗੁਰ ਸ਼ਰਨ ਆਵਤ ਹੈਂ ਅਨੇਕ ਸਿਖ
ਜੈਸੋ ਜੈਸੋ ਭਾਉ ਤੈਸੀ ਕਾਮਨਾ ਪੁਜਾਵਈ ॥674॥

The echo of one's voice is similar to the voice itself. One reaps what one sows. In Sri Asa kee Vaar, Sri Guru Ji says, how can it be justice that one sows poison but wants to reap Amrit. If we want good for ourselves in the future, we have to do good in our present. Bhai Gurdaas Ji in one of his great Kabit expresses similar thoughts. Bhai Sahib gives us 3 examples or metaphors and in the 4th verse states the Gurmat Principle:

1. Many sick people come to the house of a Vaid (doctor) but the Vaid gives the medicine according to the disease. In other words, all don't get the same medicine.

2. Many unemployed people arrive at the government's office to seek employment, but everyone is given employment according to one's capability. In other words, everyone does not get the same kind of employment.

3. Many needy people arrive at the doorstop of a philanthropist but they receive gifts according to their needs. In other words, all needy people are not given the same charity (daan).

4. Same way, many Sikhs come to the refuge of the true Guru but their spiritual wishes are fulfilled according to their faith and love (Bhao). In other words, all Gursikh don't immediately get the same spiritual reward. They get rewarded in accordance to their love and devotion.

Guru Sahib is neutral and looks at each being with the similar eye of grace but that being gets Kirpa who has love for Satguru and the Kirpa is in proportion to his love and devotion.

May Guru Sahib enable us to selflessly love Guru Sahib, so that we may get Kirpa.

Kulbir Singh

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