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Hukam Versus Haumai

Giani Harinder Singh Ji was explaining in Katha that there are two paths in life. One is Hau-mai and the other is Hukam. A person can only be following one or the other, not both at the same time.

What is Hukam?

Hukam is something so great that it existed before even the Creation and will still be in force after creation. Hukam-ee hovan akar_.Hukam was given and Creation took place.

Hukam is something so great that is cannot be described. Hukam na kahia jae. By following GurBanee we are following Hukam are lives will be successful.

What is Haumai?

Haumai is ego. To satisfy our ego we follow our desires, we do what we want. Haumai leads a person into dukh. The person with no haumai has no dukh.

What this meant to me was do ardas to Guru Ji so that I may always follow Hukam and never be pulled off onto the path of Haumai because my desires cause me to do things which *I* think *I* need in MY life, but in reality lead me away from the path of Gobind__Charan Chalo Marag Gobind_.Feet Travel On the Path Of God i.e. follow Hukam.

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