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News For Gurmukhs And News For Worldly People

Gursikhs and worldly people have different priorities and aims in life; therefore, different kinds of events and news sadden them or make them happy. A worldly person gets very excited when he sees an advertisement that can save him few dollars. He then excitingly talks to all his friends and relatives how he saved so many dollars and got something cheap. It's fine to buy something within one's limits but to get excited and extremely happy over saving a few dollars is not the way of Gurmukhs and by the same token loss of some money or other worldly possession doesn't dampen their spirits.

The newspapers are full of such news and matters that seem trivial to Gursikhs and by the same token, spiritual stories and articles that very much excite Gurmukhs, seem boring to worldly people.

Below are examples of some kinds of news that excite or sadden worldly people but have no effect on Gurmukhs. Similarly there are also examples further below of such news that would excite or sadden Gurmukhs but would have no effect on worldly people.

Exciting News for Worldly People

Govt. tax cuts to save $1000 for each family.

Burrows quick OT goal lifts Canucks to 2-0 series lead

xyz (a superstar actor) coming to Toronto to promote his latest movie.

Depressing News for Worldly people

Oil prices going up.

xyz Party wins elections.

Walmart coming to a small town in Canada.

Exciting News for Gursikhs

Gurmukh Singh attains Jyot Vigaas.....

Gursikhs in East London decide to get together at Amritvela for Naam Abhyaas.

X number of Gurmukhs sat through Ran Subaaee Kirtan and had immeasurable bliss.

10 Jivs (people) today got accepted by Punj Pyare and became Amritdharis.

50 Gursikhs who were previously weak in Rehit have become strict in Rehit.

Sad News for Gursikhs

A Gursikh today got up at 3am and missed 1 hour of Amritvela.

A Gursikh today fell prey to Kaljug and became weak in Rehit.

Many people, due to the influence of Kaljug, are turning away from Dharma.

May Guru Sahib set our priorities right.

Kulbir Singh

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