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How Do You Follow Religion?


Jo to prem khelan ka chao
Sir dhar talee galee meree ao

if you want to play the game of love,
bring your head to me on the palm of your hand. (the self has to die)


pilla maran kabool, Jivan kee cchaad aas
ho-e sabana kee renka tao ao hamaree paas

the first rule of dying is to give up all the hope's of life
become the dust of everyone then come to me.

Some people do ardas and ask Waheguru Ji for spiritual and worldy gifts, then wonder why they didn't get anything. Disillusioned they lose faith in God! But we suffer from

'seva thoree mangan botha'
little seva but ask alot'.

Who should we serve? Guru Gobind Singh Ji said if you want to please me then serve the Khalsa for nothing pleases me more.

Hence, do seva of the Khalsa and become the dust of their feet. Then go to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the Punj Pyare with your head(ego) in your hand. Go down on one knee and with cupped hands beg for amrit naam. Do naam simran day and night, then do ardas with humility and love and see if Waheguru Ji doesn't fill you with all the blessings.

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