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Who is Brave according to Gurbani?


Bira i.e. the truly courageous person is such who destroys the evil from within. Then evil does not come even near him. The ones who fight under the influence of anger and ego may be considered brave by this false world but not according to Gurmat. One who fights the 5 evil forces and brings them under control, is truly Bira (Brave).

The real thugs are the 5 thugs sitting inside. They are the greatest plunderers and conquerors of the history. They conquer great kings, conquerors, invaders, powerful men of this world. They plunder the beautiful inside of an innocent person. People who control millions of people of this world are in turn controlled by these 5 Thugs. The persons who come under their control become demons.

The strange thing is that while there is always a hue and cry when someone robs or kills in the visible world but the robbing, plundering and killing that takes place in the inside is of the most henious nature. These 5 dushts trample us under their feet and steal away the "jewels and pearls" (Ratan Jawahar) that we accumulate through paath and Naam. Alas! We care not...

May Guru Sahib save us and make us "Bira".

Kulbir Singh

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