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Bhindranwale's Thoughts On "Gurbani Has All Answers"

Gurbani Has Answers to All Questions, God Provides For All


Whatever question you might have, Gurbani will provide you with an answer. I am illiterate and not competent to answer but Gurbani will certainly have the answer to anything you say. The way we are sitting here is somewhat different. They were sitting in the presence of Satguru Ji: "Maharaj, you always tell us to listen to katha, to listen to kirtan, to read Gurbani, to pray, to be immersed in prayer but if all people started to pray, would all of them get food? Maharaj smiled and said: Guru's Man, why are you worried? In that Bani that came from God is written:

Too Kahae Dholay Praneea Tudh Rakayga Sirjanhar. Jin Paydhaesh Thoo Keeya Soee Dhae Adhar. Jin Upaee Maednee Soee Karda Sar. Ghat Ghat Malak Dhila Ka Sacha Parvadhgar.

‘O Man, why are you worried. The Creator will protect you. The One who created you provides support. The One who created the universe takes cares of it. Pervading all beings, Akal Purkah is the Master of everyone's heart. Akal Purakh is the True Provider.'

They said: "We are not satisfied. You have said that God will give but what is it that God will give? We need milk; we need bread; we need butter; and we need sugar." Maharaj said: "Brothers, God will make such arrangements; you will not have to start an agitation. It will not be as in the case of the boy who joined the struggle to get the price of milk increased by five paisa per liter and is still in jail in Ferozepur. You won't have to suffer like that." They asked: "Satguru Ji, what will the arrangement be? Maharaj replied:

‘Nadeea Hoveh Dhaenva Sum Hoveh Dhudhh Gheeau'
‘[If] all the rivers became cows (sources of milk), the ocean becomes milk and gheeo (clarified butter).'

The rivers that run full of water will become Kamdhenas (a mythical cow, in Hindu belief, which purportedly would provide all that a person might desire), meaning that they run full of milk. There was a hotheaded one in the congregation. He quickly stood up and said: "Listen to my appeal as well." Maharaj said: "Go ahead." [He said] Satguru: "It is right that rivers shall flow with milk but dry bread is hard to swallow. The fifth ingredient, gheeo is needed." I said the fifth here today. Why are you all looking at my face? Gheeo is called the fifth. They said they could not do without the fifth. Maharaj said:

‘Nadeea Hoveh Dhaenva Sum Hoveh Dhudhh Gheeau'

Sum is the word for ocean. God will make the ocean of milk and gheeo. A third impatient one, one in a hurry, was sitting there too. He said: "Listen to my appeal as well." Maharaj said: "Go ahead." He said "Gheeo, even though it gives strength, tastes flat without sugar. It is hard to swallow. We need sugar." Maharaj said:

Saglee Dharthee Sakar Hovay
‘The entire earth shall be sugar.'

Now it is of stone, isn't it? Maharaj says it will all become sugar; and

Kushee Karae Nith Jio
‘My soul will enjoy.'

You won't have to beg from your spouse, nor will you have to use a stove, nor worry about fuel. You can just take it and eat as much as you like.

Serve Akal Purakh [God] With Devotion. As you sow, so shall you reap

This is a five day camp. In just five days, there are whispers behind tent walls as to when it will all be over, as to when will they be released from here to return home, and we seek, as is written in Gurbani:

Fareedha Lorrae Dhakh Bijaureea Kikar Beejay Jat(u). Handay Oun Kathaedha Paydhaa Lorray Pat(u).
‘O Farid, [a person who seeks happiness without prayer is like] the farmer who plants kikkar (a tree which has branches with long hard thorns) and seeks to harvest raisins of Bijor. He spends his life spinning woolen yarn and desires to wear silk.'

He seeks the raisins of Bijor but plants kikkar. He spends his time spinning wool and seeks to wear clothes of silk and pashmina (a superior type of wool). Which is the country Bijor? Is is heaven. The person seeks salvation, the raisins, in heaven, the country Bijor. However, the person plants sin, the seeds of kikkar. How shall he get salvation? He spends his time in lust- that is like spinning wool and seeks divine knowledge, divine love that is like silk. How will he get silk garments, clothes made from pashmina? He will not get them. We spend our time watching television and listening to dirty songs over the radio, and then we say we cannot fix our mind [in prayer]. I had a brother who was somewhat educated. He is a teacher. He was not very generous in his temperament except in talk. One day he asked me: "Bhai Jarnail Singh, what is the significance of reciting Jap Ji Sahib? I replied: "The significance simply is that if Guru Sahib is pleased he can even give Guruship." He said: "Would I get anything else?" I said: "There is nothing above Guruship. Besides that there is only hell. You can see if you need that." He said: "How about worldly things?" I said: "All worldly desires are fulfilled." He went away. He got up early in the morning and having done one reading of Jap Ji Sahib came to me and said: "I got nothing." I asked him: "What were your desires at the time you did the reading? One was that you get a son. Another was that you get a raise in salary. Then you wished that you should get four acres of land. All this for only one reading of Jap Ji Sahib? This is just as some people read Jap Ji Sahib. They start reading with:

Ik On(g)kar Satnaam Kartaa Purakh
‘There is One Creator, Eternal, the Reality, the Name, the Creator who pervades all';

And then "O boy get me that….[inaudible]…." Isn't it so? Then Nirbau Nirvair [without fear and without enmity] "get me that biscuit." Is this Patth? The mind is set on eating. This will not do. Love Gurbani and serve the congregation. The service does not have to be in materials. Gurmat tells us:

Bhavnee Bhagath Bhae Kauddee Agrbhag Rakay Taeh Gur Sabad Nidhan Dhan Dhaeth Hay.
‘If a man, with love and devotion, places a cowry before the Guru, the Guru bestows upon him all the treasures.'

If with devotion we bring even the fourth part of a cowry to the congregation of the Guru, it is accepted. There are many stories about service. I shall tell you this one about….[inaudible]….

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