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Bhai Kartar Singh's Words Of Wisdom

When Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh Ji was studying at Khalsa College Amritsar, his father Bhai Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale wrote him a letter in poetic form. This poem contains many lofty principles of Gurmat and words of wisdom which are relevant even today after about 35 years. The poem is excellent and the flow of the poem is great. Sant Gurbachan Singh himself was a great poet and it seems like Bhai Kartar Singh too learned poetry while studying from him.

Bhai Kartar Singh

Bhai Kartar Singh

Some of the saliant points of Gurmat and wisdom in this letter are as follows:

1. Do Ishnaan in the morning, do Paath and Darshan of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

2. Before sleeping at night, ponder upon your deeds and actions done during the day. Regret your bad actions and resolve to be careful in the future. Do good Karams (actions) and avoid sinful actions.

3. Do not refuse orders of your parents and serve them like Sarvan (an historical character who was very dedicated to serving his parents. He was killed accidently by Raja Dashrath the father of Raam Chander).

4. Respect your elders.

5. Love Bhai-Bhagats and greet them with folded hands.

6. Adopt virtues like patience, morality, contentedness, peace, mercy, helping others because with the help of these virtues, you can swim across this world ocean.

7. Avoid deceiving others, stealing, inappropriate friendship with girls (yaari) and gambling. They give you bad reputation.

8. Deception, mockery, lying, slandering, pride and stealing are evil (so avoid them).

9. Mocking and unnecessary joking or teasing should be avoided.

10. If you get angry, still maintain peace of mind because anger is a treasure of quarrel. If someone says a rough word to you, respond back in humility.

11. Talk sweetly and this way get Asees (boons) from everyone.

12. Don't do company of a stupid or deceitful person and always avoid sinful Karma.

13. Don't back off after doing Bachan (giving word) and keep your mind and dealings clean.

14. Don't fight with anyone at all and even love a bad person.

15. The more wealth you get, more you should strive to be a better person; don't let pride come in you, with increased wealth. He (Waheguru) who gives also takes it away; everything is in His hands.

16. Why should enmity and opposition be done when it is a fact that the stay in this world is temporary.

17. You came empty handed in this world and will leave empty handed. So never become a miser (penny pincher) because cursed is the life of a wretched miser

18. I am thankful to such people who help the poor and the needy.

19. Serve the Sadh-Sangat (holy congregation) with food, water and as many other ways as possible.

20. One who shares the God-given gifts with others, remains happy and comfortable. This way by doing charity and helping others, collect the wealth that will help you in the next world. Good and pious actions will be your friends in the next world.

21. Don't do slandering and backbiting against anyone. Whoever follows this teaching will get divine protection of Kartar Waheguru and one who slanders the Bhagats will drown in this world ocean.

22. Whatever you get as per your destiny, stay happy within that.

23. Don't look at women with a coveted or lustful eye and read Sri Asa kee Vaar (it seems that Bhai Ji is implying that reading Sri Asa kee Vaar helps against lust). Keep your glance pure and consider someone else's woman as your mother.

24. Spend your life without making proud claims because this world is temporary.

25. Eat less, sleep less, speak sweet and be honest.

26. Don't eat food at all while walking or moving around and eat food slowly with patience.

27. Talk only as much as you know and don't talk uselessly.

28. Say only which is correct and think before talking.

29. Don't interrupt others when they are talking and don't hurt anyone's feelings.

30. Don't laugh at your own talk and don't say the same thing again and again. One who does not consider the above points related to talk is the king of fools i.e. a great fool.

31. Don't tell someone's secret to others. It is very bad to reveal someone's secret.

32. Don't praise yourself and always respect others.

33. Hesitate a bit when raising unnecessary questions and share sorrows of the suffering people.

34. Don't imitate others rather do your own thing i.e. be yourself.

35. Ignore the shortcomings of others and look for your own shortcomings.

36. Always be fearful of sinning and remember that Waheguru is witnessing all your actions. He knows even your most secret actions and He knows everything about the whole world.

37. As much as possible do good to others and never even think of harming others.

38. Whatever happens, stay happy; don't spend your life worrying.

39. Such merchants who keep their dealings clean, never see loss.

40. Keep your mind in remembrance of Parmatma Waheguru even while you do all your worldly tasks.

41. Never forget Waheguru Naam, which is the creator of everything.

42. The body of the 5 elements will die one day but the Atma is indestructible.

43. Consider everyone as your own form and for this reason think good for everyone.

44. I have said many Bachans of Guru to you, at least adopt some of them. Whoever will heed to these Bachans will get a glimpse (Darshan) of Waheguru.

The above is a humble loose translation of words of wisdom written by Bhai Kartar Singh Ji Bhindranwale. Please forgive any mistakes. We should try to adopt these Bachans in our life so that we may get Khushi of Guru Sahib.

Kulbir Singh

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