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Sikh Genocide Photo Gallery

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group like the Sikhs.

Ghallughara is a punjabi word meaning a large scale massacre, carnage, genocide or holocaust and is used to identify what happened to the Sikhs.

There have been many, many occasions where Sikhs have been massacred and murdered in cold blood.

Genocides took place firstly by muslim, then british and finally hindu regimes. Sikhs are morally conscientious and inherently pacifist, however they have been recognised as a threat to established religions and population social structures. This is simply because Sikhism is unique, promotes universal equality for ALL and stands against tyranny and oppression, something which muslim, then british and hindu regimes were not able to allow.

It is important to note, the racism, hatred and intolerance of Sikhs is still continuing, and is witnessed across the world every day.

In India, the regime and the hindu right wing, are currently running organised and undisguised campaigns against Sikhs. The Indian media has an open anti-Sikh bias. More worrying are the covert and enigmatic operations against Sikhs, some of whom have placed proxy/ puppet leaders to govern Sikh institutions and political parties.

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