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Guru Nanak And The Rising River At Kashipur

Nankana Sahib Kashipur is nearly 100 Kms from Nanakmatta Sahib. Gurudwara Sri Nankana Sahib is located in the city of Kashipur, district Udham Singh Nagar, in Mohalla Pakka Kot, near Uday Raj College. It is about one km away from the bus stand and the railway Station of Kashipur and located on the Ramnagar - Manpur bypass road.

Gurudwara Sri Nankana Sahib is also associated with Guru Nanak Sahib Ji who came here after visiting Nanak Mata and Nanak Puri. At the time, the Dhela river used to cause havoc in the city by flooding each year.

The local people were on the verge of leaving Kashipur for safer grounds. When Guru Ji reached the place, he told the people to be patient and advised them to remain there. The people were sceptical however were willing to believe in Guru Ji.

Guru Ji started singing kirtan on the riverside. As the kirtan was in progress, the river rose. The people started to panic and thought they were too late and would drown. Guru Ji performed the ardas and the river, after touching Guru Ji's feet, receded and moved to a distance away from the town. The people were relieved and regretted not having more faith. They bowed before Guru Ji and became his Sikhs.

Since then, the river has never flooded the city again. The previous name of the river was Swaran river. When Guru Nanak threw a clod (dhela) into the river, the name of the river was changed to Dhela river.

Accomodation: A Sarai with 30 rooms has been built over the Langar Hall for the convenience of visitors.

Source: hemkunt.in

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