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Guru Angad And Tapa

Guru Angad lived at Khadoor Sahib, in the Punjab, however very close to his village lived a hindu yogi, called Shiv Nath. He was popularly known as Tapa. Yogis were sadhus who did not marry, they had a great hold on the people using fake superstitions. Tapa was very deceitful and became jealous of Guru Angad's fame so he started making plans to get rid of the Guru Angad by deceiving the Khadoor villagers for his own benefit.

The Drought

One year, there was no rain and a severe drought hit the village. The fields could not be ploughed and started drying up. When the villagers could bear it no longer, they went to Tapa for advice. Tapa told the villagers that the hindu Rain God was angry with them as they had stopped worshipping him. Instead, they had started worshipping an ordinary man, referring to Guru Angad. He told the villagers to go to Guru Angad, and ask him to pray to the Rain God. And if his prayers failed to bring rain, then they should turn him out of the village.

The simple and superstitious villagers approached Guru Angad, and did as directed. When Guru Angad explained to them that no one except God could cause the rain, the people were worried. Tapa told the villagers, "How can you expect rain, you fools, when you look upon a married man as your Guru? Turn him out of the village and you will surely get rain."

The people were carried away by the yogi's words. They went back to Guru Angad and said, "Guru, the crops are dying for want of rain. If you will kindly leave this village, the yogi can save us by bringing rain for us."

Guru Angad Leaves Khadoor

"Dear friends," replied the Guru, "Rain and sunshine are natural. They are in the hands of God. Still, I will leave the village if you think it will help." The next day, Guru Angad left the village and travelled towards Tur and Chapri.

The people went to the yogi once more to ask for rain. The yogi could do nothing against the law of nature. It did not rain. The people waited for some days but then realised their folly. The rains failed to return so Bhai Amar Das, the future Guru Amar Das, accompanied the Sangat from Khadoor and pleaded with Guru Angad Sahib Ji to return. The Sangat felt sorry for their foolishness and asked for forgivness.

Guru Angad said that the rain would fall wherever Tapa went. The farmers went to see Tapa and saw that it was raining in a small area around him. The villagers dragged Tapa from field to field. It so happened that it rained in every field into which they dragged the yogi. He was so exhausted that by the afternoon he fainted. They dragged him this way and that, until he was sorry and accepted that he lied about the Guru. It is said that in the end the farmers pulled the yogi apart until he was torn to pieces.

Guru Angad Returns

The villagers were very sorry to have turned Guru Angad out of the village. They realised their mistake and begged for his pardon and pleaded with him to return to Khadoor. They brought Guru Ji back with great respect and as Guru Angad returned so did the rains. Guru Angad told the people to have faith in the Will of God. Guru Angad provided a common kitchen in the village, with the help of his Sikhs. This was known as the 'Guru Ka Langar' (the Guru's kitchen).

Anyone could come at any time and have a free dinner in the langar. Men, women and children of all castes, religions, colours and races sat and ate together. Many people cheerfully offered free service in the langar and joined the sangat regularly. This is still one of the reasons why hindu's in India don't like Sikhs. Some hindu's believe their caste system and its racism are more important than equality.

"Why call God blind, who is blind by the Will of God? Nanak, it is one who will not understand God's Will, who should be called blind." ~ Guru Angad

"What pleases God, Nanak, is good. They who must abide by God's Will, have no power of their own." ~ Guru Angad

"When God gives God's order, One must follow, One must act according to God's Will; Nanak, People come when they are sent by God, And die when they are called by God." ~ Guru Angad

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