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Foundation Of Kartarpur

Kartarpur, which means 'Town/ City of God', is a town near Jalandhar city and is located in the Doaba region of the state. It was founded by Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji. Kartarpur (in Jalandhar ) is not the same as the Kartarpur founded by Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji (which is now across the Pakistan border opposite Dera Baba Nanak).

Kartarpur is famous for its furniture industry. It lays 15 km north-west of Jallandar along the GT Road. The town was founded by Guru Arjan in 1594 on land granted during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, resided here for some time too. Two of Guru Hargobind's sons, Suraj Mal and Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, were married at Kartarpur.

After the construction of Taran Taran, Guru Arjan selected Doaba as the next Sikh centre. In Doaba there lived many devoted Sikhs of the Guru. Those Sikhs served the Guru with great commitment. They were very pleased that Guru himself had visited Doaba. The Sikhs of Doaba asked the Guru if a new town could be established at Doaba so that the spread of Sikhism could be accelerated more vigorously.

A New City For Sikhs

One day when Guru Arjan was staying at village Dalla, Nazim Khan Nawab of Jalandhar arrived there to pay homage to the Guru. He belonged to the family of Allayar, a devout Sikh of Guru Amar Das. He listened to the sermons of the Guru and took meals in the langar. He was very pleased to see such a holy and virtuous atmosphere.

When the Guru was free, he wanted to have a dialogue with the Guru. The Guru welcomed him and asked him to sit near. At the time of departure Nazim Khan said, "You should construct a town near Jalandhar, where it may become easy for the people of Doaba to hear your sermons. I have a piece of land near Jalandhar, if you want to construct a town I can donate it to you." The Guru replied, "It is not possible to construct a city on the donated land, but if you sell the land, I may construct a new city." Nazim Khan agreed and the Guru bought the required land.

Guru Arjan started the foundation of Kartarpur on December 1594 AD by pesonally breaking the ground. Construction work of the buildings was in full swing. The Sikhs from near and far had thronged to serve the cause of the Guru. After staying for few months Guru Arjan appointed Bhai Kaliana and Bhai Bhakta as the supervisors and himself returned to Amritsar.

Gangsar Well

Kartarpur has a well that was built by Guru Arjan in 1599. The well was made to help the local people who needed water. The well was named Gangsar as it relates to a story where, an urn that had been lost in the river Ganga, was found here. Guru Ji explained to the Sangat that the water here was as holy as that of the river Ganga, therfore the name Gurdwara Sri Gangsar Sahib.

The story went like this; A man called Baisakhi, who used every year to visit the Ganges, once called upon the Guru on his way. The Guru asked him not to go, but bathe in his well, worship God, repeat the true Name, and that he would obtain all the advantages of bathing in the Ganges. Baisakhi respectfully represented that he had made a vow to go to the Ganges, and must accordingly proceed.

Guru Arjan, on seeing his determination, allowed him to continue his journey. When Baisakhi on the point of returning sought to fill a vessel with Ganges water, it slipped from his hand and was taken away by the current. He did all in his power to recover it, but in vain. When he returned to the Guru, and related the untoward incident, it is said that the Guru to his astonishment produced in his presence from the new well the very vessel that had fallen from his hands at the Ganges. Baisakhi was then convinced that his pilgrimage to Hardwar had been in vain. On this account the well at Kartarpur was called the Gangsar.

There are 7 Historic Sikh Gurdwaras in Kartarpur.

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