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Gurdwara Sri Manak Tabraan Sahib

Location - Parwala Road, Manak Tabra, Raipur Rani, Panchkula, Haryana 134204, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - None

Sarovar - None

Sarai - unknown

Gurdwara Sri Manak Tabraan Sahib is situated in village Manak Tabra near the old town of Raipur Rani in Panchkula District, in the State of Haryana.

After winning the Battle of Bhagani, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji arrived here and stayed for two days before heading towards Anandpur Sahib via Gurdwara Gurdwara Sri Nadha Sahib Panchkula.

Guru Gobind won the Battle of Bhangani in 1686-1688. When Guru Sahib, along with many Sikhs, was returning to Anandpur Sahib, he reached Manak Tabra via Laharhgarh and Toka Sahib (Tota).

In those days, village Manak Tabra was a part of the small State of Ramgarh. When the local ruler learnt that Guru Gobind had come to Manak Tabra, he visited the Guru and presented a horse, a sword and money.

Guru Gobind gave his 'Pesh-Kabaz' (a weapon) to the local ruler and said that his descendents would rule for as long as the 'Pesh-Kabaz' was kept respectfully.

Gurdwara Sri Manak Tabraan Sahib was previously it was known as 'Gurdwara Sri Guruaana Sahib'. A local management committee takes care of the Gurdwara's affairs.

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