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Pond Reflection

The Lost Necklace

The princess was sobbing uncontrollably. "I only took it off momentarily during bathing" she explained. Her husband prince tried to console her by offering to buy her a new diamond studded necklace. "This was a priceless wedding gift from my parents and is irreplaceable" she wept. Her husband offered a handsome reward for any information leading to recovery of the necklace. Men, women.and children lured by the reward began searching frantically but with no success.

One day a shepherd boy saw the necklace in the pond and as such jumped in to retrieve it. He spent hours only to be left covered in mud and slime but no necklace. He came out of the pond and sat down to regain his breath. When the water settled and the mud sank to the bottom again he saw the necklace again. He jumped in again and repeated the same search and again with no success. He repeated this for several days only to find mud and slime. The settled water would show the necklace again time after time. The boy became so distraught that he went to the prince and explained the scenario to him. The prince immediately summoned some helpers and went to the pond forthwith. The laborers jumped into the pool only to rake up mud and slime. When they sat down after bitter disappointment the settled water would show the necklace again. They jumped in again but no success. Eventually the prince himself entered the pond but this only resulted in him being covered in mud and slime from head to toe. The prince and the staff were tearing their hair out as they could clearly see the necklace but could not grab it.

A wise man was sitting near who witnessed the whole episode."May I recover the necklace?" he asked politely. "Please do so" requested the prince. The wise man climbed up the tree and brought down the necklace which was dangling from the bird's nest. A bird had flown away with the necklace and dropped it in the tree branch.

"What you were all seeing in the pond was a reflection of the necklace" explained the wise man." The real gem was up high above".

We all want happiness there's no doubt about that.

Without climbing the tree of Gursikhi all that we will achieve are the stains of kaam, krodh, lobh, moh and hankar from the pond of maya....

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