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The Way To Attain Peace

Two Sikhs, Bhai Lalu and Bhai Nihalu were very learned and good interpreters of the Gurus word. They were famous in the villages around the Amritsar. People from far and near came to listen to their sermons and invited them to their villages to listen their views. As a token of their respect, they would offer Bhai Lalu and Bhai Nihalu plenty of money. Bhai Lalu and Bhai Nihalu found it hard to meet with the demands of those wanting their discourses. They were never short of invitations.

Once, managing spare time with great difficulty, they Bhai Lalu and Bhai Nihalu to Amritsar for an audience with Guru Arjan. After the conclusion of the morning prayers, they spoke to Guru Arjan, "Revered Guru! Sikhs listen to our speeches with good regard and attention. Inspite of all the services we provide and the great respect we are held in, our minds are not at peace. Our minds are always troubled. Nothing is hidden from you, you know what is happening in our minds. Please can you make us understand our shortcomings and explain why we do not receive the peace we seek?"

Guru Arjan told them, "Brother Sikhs, you give discourses in a fine way. Discourses cannot be given without knowledge. As such, you are quite learned also. You give expositions of the Guru's word and your own views. But you do not mould your lives in accordance with your words. You give interpretations and your own views to others. The Sikh who listens to your discourses moulds his life accordingly. He attains peace. When you sermonise and give views, the Sikhs listening to the good words from your mouth, offer you money. When you receive wealth and prestige, you forget that you also have to mould your life according to the views that you expressed and attain peace. You cannot attain peace until you try to act upon the teachings in the Guru's word. It is essential to pray to God and lead a good lifestyle. This is only possible when your lives are moulded according to Sikh philosophy."

Bhai Lalu and Bhai Nihalu started acting on the advice of Guru Arjan and attained peace. In whichever village, they delivered discourses and their own views, they adviesd the Sangat to act upon the teachings of the Gurus to attain peace.

  • Gurdwara Sri Guru Ka Mehal

    Gurdwara Sri Guru Ka Mehal

    Amritsar City, Punjab, India.

    Associated with Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

    In 1573, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji built his home at the site of Gurdwara Sri Guru Ka Mehal as a residence for the Guru's family.

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