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Service To Guru Angad

From the moment Bhai Amar met Guru Angad, his life changed. After a lifetime of pilgrimages and prayer, he had found his true Guru. His frustration and doubt left him, and he was at peace. Bhai Amar became so deeply enamored of the Guru that he could not bear to be away from him.

Bhai Amar came to Khadoor for the first time at the age of 62. Having accepted Guru Angad as Guru, Bhai Amar started living in the Guru's institution. Bhai Amar saw that the Sikhs who came for an audience with the Guru also freely helped the community on their own accord.

Some helped prepare food and clean utensils in the langar (community kitchen). Some would bring firewood from the forest while others would look after the living quarters. There were many tasks and jobs to help with.

Bhai Amar asked Bhai Jodh, one of the cooks, how he could help and took up the service of bringing water for the langar. From the day Bhai Amar started taking meals in pangat (sitting together for meals) the illusion of caste, racism and the pride of being a Khatri left his mind.

When he had time, Bhai Amar took up cleaning utensils and at the same time applied his mind to listening and reciting the Gurus word. In this way, Bhai Amar became known as Bhai Amar Das. 'Das' means 'Servant of God'.

There were many occasions where Bhai Amar Das proved his selflessness and devotion to his Guru. One such incident occured when a very wealthy devotee of Guru Angad came to pay his respects. At the meeting, the visitor presented him with a dress which was made of a very fine material.

At that time, Guru Angad had developed a sore on his foot, which was bleeding. While Guru Angad was admiring the dress, a drop of blood happened to stain the cloth. Guru Angad asked Bhai Amar Das to take the cloth to the washerman and have it cleaned.

When the washerman saw the blood stain, he refused to wash it saying that washing it would ruin the delicate cloth. When Bhai Amar Das heard this he was really saddened, as he knew that Guru Angad had taken a liking to that dress. Not knowing any other way, he washed away the blood stain from the dress himself, without any sense of disgust.

When it was cleaned, he brought it back to Guru Angad. The Guru who had observed the whole incident was really touched by his humble and selfless act. At this, Bhai Amar Das humbly folded his hands and said that by cleaning the cloth of its stain, his mind too had been washed clean of all the impurities. Hearing this, Guru Angad blessed Bhai Amar Das.

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