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Guru Nanak Meets Mai Bharai

After a long stay at Sultanpur, and his disappearance in the river, Guru Nanak and Mardana decided to depart and begin their travels preaching God's words and teachings. Shortly after departure, Guru Ji asked Mardana where they should go, Mardana had replied saying, "What can I say? Wherever you will go, I will follow.". To this, Guru Nanak said "There is a carpenter living in Eminabad. He is a pious man. Let us go and meet him."

Saying this, they travelled towards the west and crossed the river Beas. After resting for a night or two , they continued to travel further till they reached Khadoor, which is now called Khadoor Sahib. It was here that the second Guru, Guru Angad, lived and preached.

On the outskirts of the village, Guru Nanak found a spot under a tree and settled down, here, Mardana sang gurbani (kirtan) whilst the Guru listened. On early morning when sun rose, and it was the time to eat, a woman with her maid passed by. Her name was Mai Bharai. She was the daughter of Chaudhri Takht Mal, who owned fifty-two villages around Matte Di Sarai across the river Satlej. Her name was Vira Bai, but people called her Sat Bharai meaning the sister of seven brothers. She was married to Chaudhri Mehma, who had settled in Khadoor.

Born into a rich family and brought up with love, she was a very pious lady. She was very eager to meet a saint, but had not been able to find one yet. That day, she happened to see the Guru sitting in deep meditation. She stopped walking as she was not able to take her eyes off the Guru.

She slowly approached the Guru and bowed. When the Guru opened his eyes, she fell at his feet. The moment her forehead touched the Guru's feet, she knew that this was God in a human form. Either he had God in him or he that he was God himself. The Guru patted her back and touched her head and told her to immersed herself in the love of Waheguru and to always recite Waheguru's name.

Mai Bharai began reciting Waheguru and became a Sikh of Guru Ji. Mardana, who was sleeping on the ground nearby, woke up. Turning towards Guru Nanak he asked "Is it past breakfast time?" Then, sat up and saw the two women sitting there. Mardana looked towards them, smiled and said: "He is the Guru, Waheguru's beloved, who has left his house and family to unite the separated with God." On hearing this, they greeted him with folded hands and bowed down.

Mai Bharai asked her maid to bring breakfast so Mardana's wish was fulfilled. When breakfast was over, lunch was provided: bread; vegetables; buttermilk etc. The Guru laughed and said, "See, Mardana, the ways of Waheguru. He has sent lunch at lunchtime and the buttermilk also! Let us eat." Mai Bharai herself served food to the Guru and Mardana and they ate. After having eaten, Mardana remarked, "After eating this food, I am reminded of the food that my mother used to serve." They stayed there in Khadoor for a few more days and then they moved on. Before departing, Guru Nanak reminded Mai Bharai again to always recite Waheguru's name.Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji came to Khadoor at least 5 times and would stay at Mai Bharai's house.

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