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Gurdwara Sri Mata Sundri Delhi

Location - Mata Sundri Women's College, Mandi House, New Delhi 110002, India

Associated with - Mata Sundri

Sikh Artifacts - Yes

Sarovar - None

Sarai - unknown

Gurdwara Sri Mata Sundri Delhi was the last home of Mata Sundri, the wife of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Mata Jito was the daughter of Bhai Ram Saran, a Kumarav Khatri of Bijvara, in the present day Hoshiarpur district of the State of Punjab. She was also known as Mata Sundri because she was beautiful.

Since her father knew Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, it was decided that she would marry to Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur on 4th April 1684.

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji was travelling south in the Deccan, Guru Sahib asked Mata Sundri to stay in Delhi. At first, Mata Sundri stayed at the Haveli (house) of Bhai Jawahar Singh. Guru Gobind Singh re-joined with God in October 1708 at Nanded.

From 1727 onwards, Mata Sundri stayed in a newly constructed building, then called Mata Sundri's Haveli. This is now known as Gurdwara Sri Mata Sundri Delhi.

After Guru Gobind Singh, Mata Sundri guided the troubled Sikh Sangat. This is evident from extracted hukumnamas (written orders) issued with her seal and authority between 1717 and 1730.

Mata Sundri nurtured and guided the Khalsa for forty years after Guru Gobind Singh. Sikhs respected Mata Sundri and looked to her for advice and guidance. Mata Sundri Kaur re-joined with God in 1747 at this place. The cremation was carried out at the site of Gurdwara Sri Bala Sahib.

The Delhi Gurdwara Committee constructed an imposing Gurdwara on the site of the Haveli, where Mata Sundri stayed. Guru Gobind Singh gave some of his weapons to Mata Sundri, which are now displayed at the Gurdwara.

The Gurdwara is built in brick and lime mortar. On the far end of the hall is a marble paved gallery. The carved wood beam of the gallery bears an inscription in Gurmukhi script in bold letters. There is a marble slab in the center which surrounded by an inscribed sacred emblem of the Sikhs. It has a standard square domed sanctum, arched copings and a traditional styled entrance that perfectly characterizes the religious structure of the Gurdwara.

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