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Gurdwara Sri Maal Tekri Sahib

Location - Nanded, Maharashtra, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - None

Sarovar - None

Sarai - None

Gurdwara Sri Maal Tekri Sahib stands at the site of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji's visit in about 1512 AD. Guru Nanak was travelling towards Sangla-Deep (known as Ceylon or Sri Lanka now).

The Gurdwara is located about 3 miles (5.2 km's) by road north east of Takht Sri Hazur Sahib in Nanded.

It is said that a muslim pir, Sayyad Shah Hussain used to stay here. He was also known as Lakad Shah faqir. The grave of pir Sayyad Shah Hussain Lakad can be seen behind the Gurdwara.

The following story was told by the Granthi of Gurdwara Sri Maal Tekri Sahib;

A muslim pir was in deep meditation in a thatched hut and occasionally prayed. "O Wali Peer Nanak! I have heard that you are a true representative of the Lord and redeem the strayed.

I cannot reach you as I am unable to walk; I have no sight in my eyes. People say that you can reach the hearts of others. If so, please understand my feelings and visit and redeem me".

Guru Nanak reached him during his prayers. Guru Nanak asked him to open his eyes and see for himself as to who was present in front of him. The pir fell at the feet of the Guru and prayed, "O Great One, I am liberated by your presence, hearing my prayers, this hut is blessed by your visit."

Guru Nanak embraced him with affection and blessed him. "O pir! You have become like a log praying. Now your prayers are answered. Time will come when the people will come to the place where you have been meditating. This place will soon be known the world over. You are quite old and unable to look after yourself. You must not do anything else except cleaning this place daily. You will get two ashrafees daily which shall meet your needs."

"Whatever you say is an order for me, O Nanak", said the pir. The pir observed the daily cleaning ritual and after living for a long period he passed away. The pir was buried nearby."

The caretaker of the grave said that Guru Nanak told Lakad Shah Faqir, "that a large amount of money is kept buried at this place which shall be later required by his successor. You must look after the place until the arrival of a successor who will need use of the money. You will get two asharfees daily to protect the money."

It is said that Lakad Shah Faqeer lived till the arrival of the Guru Gobind Singh and handed over the money buried at the place. Guru Gobind Singh distributed the money to those among his army who could not be paid earlier at the site of Gurdwara Sri Sangat Sahib. The place was known as Maal Tekri from that day onwards. There are no historical records found to confirm these events.


However, the booklet prepared by Gurdwara Board Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Abchal Nagar Sahib Nanded, records: "Gurdwara Sri Maal Tekri Sahib is located near Gurdwara Sri Sangat Sahib. The Gurdwara's old names were 'Chakrimal' and 'Maal Tilla'. Before proceeding to Bidar, Guru Nanak stopped at this place.

Later, Guru Gobind Singh received money from this place and distributed it to his soldiers. It is said that Guru Nanak had foretold that when the Khalsa numbers 16 crore, money from the place (Maal Tekri) will be taken out and free kitchen will started for them.... At one time the Muslims tried to take over the place by burying their dead at the place and by converting the Gurdwara into a mosque. A dispute arose between Sikhs and muslims about the occupation.

The case was taken up to the court of Nizam of Hyderabad and later to the High court at Calcutta. The judgement finally announced on 8th January 1930 was in favour of the Sikhs and, on Government orders, the buried bodies were taken over and the place handed over to the Sikhs and it became an important site for the Sikhs."

The Gurdwara is frequently visited. Almost all the travellers who come to pay obeisance at Abchal Nagar come and pay obeisance at this place too. The caretaker of the grave also gets sufficient money in addition to the money offered at the Gurdwara by the visiting Sikhs. The Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee of Abchal Nagar controls and maintains this place as well.

The small Sikh Gurdwara existing here was demolished in 1928 by muslim fanatics and re-established after January 1930. It comprises a single flat-roofed room with a circumambulatory verandah.

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