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Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh Hoshiarpur

Location - (approximate location) New Jagatpura, Jattan Mohalla, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India

Associated with - Bhai Joga Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - unknown

Sarovar - unknown

Sarai - unknown

Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh Hoshiarpur is a Historic Sikh Gurdwara situated in Hoshiarpur, near the clock tower in Mohalla Shekhon.

This Gurdwara is dedicated to Bhai Joga Singh, a Sikh youth from Peshawar, who had lived in the presence of Guru Gobind Singh (1666 - 1708) at Anandpur for many years, serving him with devotion.

The foundation of the gurdwara was laid in 1966 and in 2008 a proper building was raised. Amrik Singh found the exact location of the present gurdwara, and started the sewa.


Bhai Joga Singh's parents, eager to see him married, arrived at Anandpur to escort him back home in Peshawar. Guru Gobind Singh permitted Bhai Joga Singh to depart, saying that he must return at once when recalled.

Bhai Joga Singh was in the midst of his nuptials and had completed only two of the customary four circumambulations when a Sikh delivered the Guru's letter of recall. Bhai Joga Singh left the ceremony midway and, despite the protestations and importunities of his relations, immediately set out for Anandpur. The elation aroused in him by his prompt compliance with Guru's summons gradually turned into a sense of selfesteem and conceit.

The Night At Hoshiarpur

As he halted for a night at Hoshiarpur, not far from his destination of Anandpur, he fell for the charms of a beautiful courtesan. But providence, as it were, came to his rescue. As he went to the woman's door, he felt as if it were guarded by a Sikh who sharply reminded him of his Guru and of his teaching. Joga Singh tried to enter the house four times during the night but had to turn back as he ran into the Sikh every time.

Joga Singh realized his error and was filled with remorse. Purged of his pride, he resumed his journey and presented himself before Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur with humility, and unashamedly told other Sikhs of how he had practically fallen and how he had been saved by the Guru's grace.

Confession And Forgiveness

On entering the divaan he payed his respects to Guru Sahib and heard the sangat commenting on how tired Guru Sahib looked. Guru Ji asked Bhai Joga to explain where he was last night, as the incident unfolded Guru Sahib revealed that he himslef was the guard, and that they were there to stop Bhai Joga Singh from entering and sinning.

Bhai Joga Singh fell at Guru Sahib's charan (feet) and begged for forgiveness. Guru Sahib reminded him of what he had said before, 'Guru Ji mein tere Joga' (I am worthy only of you Guru Ji). Guru Sahib said 'because you belong to me - I belong to you Bhai Joga, I belong to you! Mein tere Joga!'.

Gurdwara Bhai Joga Singh Hoshiarpur was the place where Guru Gobind Singh saved his Sikh from lust, Bhai Joga sacrificed something for the Guru, because he was diverted from the path of righteousness Guru Sahib brought him back.

A Gurdwara named after Bhai Joga Singh exists in Peshawar. It was shutdown in 1947 and re-opened in 1980.

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