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Sikh Freedom Movements

Sikh history is rich and full of sacrifices made by Sikhs for the cause of freedom, justice and peace. Sikhs resisted persecution from the Mughal Empire for hundred years. Foreign invaders like Abdali, Timur Shah, Nadir Shah, and British Empire all played their part in Sikh genocides. Sikhs also gave their lives by fighting in France, Malaysia, Africa and Arab countries in WWI and WWII. Behind all these wars and sacrifices there was only one cause, one reason and one desire and that was FREEDOM. The Sikh struggle for freedom and survival still continues in India today.

The land of Punjab where the Sikhs learnt their first lesson of freedom is now under control of the cruel and unjust government of India. Ever since India gained independence it has tried to suppress Sikhs and wanted to keep them as second class citizens. India is run by hindu's along principles of caste, which is another word for racism.

The oppression and injustice took a new turn when a newly formed India attacked the holiest place of Sikhs - Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) in 1984. Since then, tens of thousands have been murdered in State run genocide. Sikhs are being attacked in every way possible. Sikhs have made numerous sacrifices to free themselves from the clutches of India. Sikhs now demand a separate country where they can enjoy true democracy, human rights and freedom.

It is well known that the Sikhs lost their Empire not in wars but in the dark cellars where aggression and treason joined hands to hatch a conspiracy against them. Traitors and brokers connived with the British to raise their feudal estates on the ruins of the Empire of the Khalsa. Kashmir is one such example and the role of Tej Singh, Lal Singh (Brahmins from U.P.), Gulab Singh and Dhian Singh (Dogras from Kashmir), Khushal Singh (a Maharashtrian Bania), Sohal Lal Suri from Punjab and many others, is a standing disgrace to the race to which they belong.

Notwithstanding the laying down of arms, the passion for freedom continued to burn in every Sikh heart. When all other people in India had completely reconciled themselves to their subjugation, the Sikhs were the only Nation which kept the flame of freedom burning. Almost immediately after the annexation of Punjab, they made it known, in no uncertain terms, their firm resolve to redeem their destiny, which they proclaim with the beat of the drum every day in every payer in the litany "Raj Karega Khalsa".

The struggle for Sikh freedom has been continuing from 1849 (when Sikh's had their own empire) to this very day.

The western world, including the UN, continues to turn a blind eye to Sikh atrocities for fear of impacting trade relations. However, countries such as Australia and, specifically, Canada have been major supporters of Sikh rights.

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In India, the regime and the hindu right wing, are currently running organised and undisguised campaigns against Sikhs. The Indian media has an open anti-Sikh bias. More worrying are the covert and enigmatic operations against Sikhs, some of which has placed proxy/ puppet leaders to govern Sikh institutions and political parties.

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