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The Hypocrite Hindu Ascetic

There was a hindu ascetic named Hari Ram that had moved to Goindwal seeking to take advantage of Guru Amar Das's new settlement. Hari Ram belonged to Marwaha Khatri dynasty and was very proud of his high caste. So he was against the tradition of langar (common kitchen) established by Guru Amar Das where everyone was treated as equals.

Hari Ram started spreading lies about Guru Amar Das being an athiest who was annihilating hinduism, however was unable to articulate what hinduism was. Hari Ram resorted to racism, which has been prevlent in the region for thousands of years, and stressed that people of low castes were taking meals sitting side by side with high caste Khatris and Brahmins.

Hari Ram tried to convince the high caste families not to take free meals in the langar. Instead he suggested that they should unite to discontinue such a langar. Hari Ram's racism encouraged some Khatris and Brahmins turn against the Sikhs and boycott meals in the langar.

One Rupee Reward

Guru Amar Das was well aware of the two-faced hypocritical nature of the hindu ascetic. In order to expose the ascetic, Guru Amar Das declared that those sharing meals in the langar would receive a reward of one rupee. One rupee was a considerable sum of money at the time. Hearing this declaration many of high caste Khatris and Brahmins deserted Hari Ram and arrived to take meals in the langar, but the ascetic did not turn up.

Next, Guru Amar Das declared that those participating in the langar would receive five rupees. This time the number of Khatris and Brahmins increased considerably, but ascetic remained absent. Guru Amar Das understood that the hypocrite ascetic would not attend his langar easily as it would expose the hindus low moral values. So Guru Amar Das made an announcement and said that those who shared meals in the langar and followed Sikh principles, would be given one gold mohar as an offering from God.

A Gold Mohar

When the ascetic heard what Guru Amar Das had announced, he could not resist. Hari Ram had decided to share meals in the Gurus langar but was afraid that he would be exposed as a hypocrite and a liar especially when he had publicly spoken against equality. However, it was harder for the hindu lose a gold mohar. Hari Ram knew he would never again have such an easy opportunity to acquire gold so he came up with a plan.

Hari Ram decided to send his son to join the langar to receive the gold mohar, however Hari Ram did not dare send his son through the main gate. All the low and high caste people knew his son very well. So Hari Ram disguised his son and asked him to enter the langar by jumping over the outer wall. Hari Ram helped his son climb the wall by pushing him but while climbing, his son fell from the wall and was injured.

Lack Of Principles Uncovered

Hari Ram wasn't bothered about his sons injury and told him to quickly proceed to the langar. Tolerating the great pain in his leg, the boy entered the langar and sat alongside everyone else. In the Sangat, the Sikhs, Khatris and Brahmins were amazed to see the son of the ascetic. Though his leg had been broken, the boy sat in line to wait for the langar as if nothing had happened. When the Sangat finished their meals, a Sikh of Guru Amar Das distributed gold mohars to all. When the Sikh stopped in front of son of ascetic he said, "Welcome! Welcome! the son of great ascetic Hari Ram has joined our langar! Where is Tapa Hari Ram? Why he hasn't come?"

The Sangat including the Khatris and Brahmins all heard the Sikh, there were also some Marwaha Khatris who felt disgraced. They went to Hari Ram's house where they found him with another man's wife. The people said, "You are the biggest hypocrite! You tried to fool us! You were telling us that Guru Amar Das was annihilating the dharma of high born hindus but when he offered a gold mohar you tried to deceive everyone and sent your son to satisfy your greed. Your son broke his leg for you and why? so you could get a gold mohar. Where is your dynasty now? You abandoned your principles and your faith and have lost your respect, we will no longer listen to you." The ascetic was arrested and was put to death after torture.

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