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Bhai Lalu

Once Bhai Lalu, who was a banker's son of the village of Dalla, joined Bhai Paro in one of his visits to Guru Amar Das. Bhai Lalu had been religious from his earliest years. When he came of age his father died, leaving him considerable wealth. By working hard Bhai Lalu increased his wealth, while at the same time he became well known for his charity. Lal means ruby or red. When Guru Amar Das heard Bhai Lalu's name he said, "Lalu har rang rangia gaya", an expression which may be either translated as "Lalu is imbued with God's love", or "the ruby glows with every colour".

On receiving instruction and initiation as a Sikh, Bhai Lalu became a ruby or gem of the Guru. Bhai Lalu used to visit Guru Amar Das on the first day of every month. When returning home he always took one or two Sikhs with him. These he would bring back on the occasion of his next monthly visit, and then take one or two others to accompany him. With these relays of earnest Sikhs, Bhai Lalu preserved his orthodoxy and his connection with Guru Amar Das.

During one of Bhai Lalu's visits, Guru Amar Das complimented him on his great public benefactions. Then, patting him on the forehead, Guru Amar Das said that he had invested him with spiritual power and sanctity. On thus receiving the approval and praise of Guru Amar Das, Bhai Lalu returned home for the last time, and there continued to preach the message of Sikhism and exercise the humility and generosity for which he had been previously so distinguished.

A Khatri named Mahesha of Sultanpur also sought the Guru's protection and permission to sit at his feet. Guru Amar Das initiated him into the Sikh faith and taught him its tenets. A short time afterwards Mahesha lost all his wealth, but not his faith in the Guru. On the Guru's intercession, God restored Mahesha's property and granted him the priceless boon of salvation.

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