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Gurdwara Sri Kabutar Sahib

Location - Nohar, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - None

Sarovar - Yes

Sarai - unknown

Gurdwara Sri Kabutar Sahib is located in Nohar which is a tehsil in the Ganganagar district of Rajastan.

The Gurdwara is associated by a visit of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Guru Gobind Singh, after leaving Sirsa in November of 1706, arrived at Nohar and camped near Chhip Talai, a pond southeast of the town.

At a site near his camp there were a lot of pigeons which gathered daily as the people of the village had taken to feeding them grain. The children and village elders would made sounds imitating the calls of the pigeons.

The children would be facinated as they watched them take flight, imagining how wonderful it would be if they could fly and soar through the sky.

While Guru Gobind Singh was practicing archery one the kabutar (pigeon) was accidentally hit. The children were sad to see the kabutar was hurt.

Guru Gobind Singh arranged for a village 'nai' (a village helper) to nurse the pigeon back to good health. After Guru Gobind Singh left, the Nai's family constructed a Thara (memorial platform) which became a place of worship.

A Gurdwara was established at this site in 1908 with the efforts of a Sikh tehsildar, Lal Singh, and a Sikh settler of Dhani Raiyan. With the arrival of more Sikh families after the partition, a new building was constructed. Bhai Fateh Singh, during a visit to the Gurdwara in 1958, named it Kabutar Sahib.

Baba Pritam Singh Sevawale of Sirsa acquired some space and constructed the present building complex including a spacious square hall with the square domed sanctum in the middle.

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