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Gurdwara Sri Janam Asthan Pir Budhu Shah

Location - Sadhaura, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - None

Sarovar - None

Sarai - None

Gurdwara Sri Janam Asthan Pir Budhu Shah marks the site where Pir Budhu Shah was born on 13th June 1647.

Pir Budhu Shah was an admirer of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Once Pir Budhu Shah was visited by 500 former mughal soldiers of emperor Aurangzeb's army who had been fired from his military because they were Shia muslims.

Aurangzeb had declared that noone would be allowed to employ Shia soldiers. So the soldiers asked Pir Budhu Shah to help them as they had sold everything for food and only had their weapons left.

The soldiers wanted to enter the army of a person that was not scared of Aurangzeb. Pir Budhu Shah took the pathans to Guru Gobind Singh and asked Guru Sahib to engage them in his army.

At the Pir's recommendation, Guru Sahib took on the 500 pathan soldiers under the command of four leaders, Kale Khan, Bhikham Khan, Nijabat Khan and Hayat Khan (Omar khan). They were all trained by Guru Sahib. Soon afterwards, preparations for a battle between Guru Sahib and hindu hill rulers took place. The hindu hill rulers had started a war as they were scared by the gathering strength of the Sikhs and the social reforms that were taking place.

The pathans who had been recommended by Pir Budhu Shah started deserting, others were leaving with various lies. Guru Gobind Singh was not worried and allowed anyone to leave if they wanted to. One Pathan, Kale Khan, did not leave Guru Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh wrote a letter to Pir Budhu Shah to let him know that the pathans recommended by him, who had been drawing salaries from the Guru Sahib's Darbar, were now betraying the cause when need there was a serious need.

When Pir Budhu Shah came to know of the disloyalty of the pathans, he came to the Guru Sahib's aid with 700 followers, four sons and two brothers. Guru Sahib was happy to see the followers of Pir Budhu Shah fighting against the hill chiefs in the Battle of Bhangani as they were not professionally soldiers.

500 of Pir Budhu Shah's followers as well as two of his sons, Ashraf and Muhammad Shah, and his brother, Bhure Shah fell in the action. After the battle, Guru Gobind Singh offered rich presents to the Pir which he politely declined to accept. However he, as the tradition goes, begged the Guru Sahib to bestow upon him the comb from his hair and the turban he was going to tie. Guru Sahib gave the Pir the comb with his hair and a small kirpan.

On 21st March 1704, Usman Khan martyred Pir Budhu Shah after torturing him.

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