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Gurdwara Sri Gurhatri Sahib

Location - (precise location unknown) Mohalla Ganj, Peshawar City, Northwest Frontier, Pakistan

Associated with - Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

Sikh Artifacts - unknown

Sarovar - unknown

Sarai - unknown

This historic Gurdwara is located in Mohalla (locality) Ganj of Peshawar city.

It is also known as Gurhatri and Dharamsala Baba Sri Chand.

According to the older biographies Sri Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, came here during his fifth itinerary. A muslim leather merchant named Abdur Rehrnan presented Sat Gur with a pair of shoes.

Guru Nanak was very pleased and in return give him his old pair of shoes. The shoes remained with Abdur Rehrnan's family for the next four generations.

Then Rahim Khan took the shoes to Hoti Mardan and left them in the custody of Sardar Mota Singh and never came back. Mota Singh gave the sacred pair of shoes to his friend Manna Singh. His adopted son Bhai Natha kept them with love and devotion.

In 1934 AD the shoes were present in the house of a friend named Gur Bukhsh Singh. Baba Sri Chand built a Dharamsala over the site of the Abdur Rehman's shop which came to be called Guru Hatri and Dharamsala Baba Sri Chand. Only one door of the sacred place is standing, the remaining building was demolished and had been reconstructed. It now houses a girls school.

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