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Gurdwara Sri Godavarisar Sahib

Location - Dhilwan Kalan, Faridkot, Punjab, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Sikh Artifacts - unknown

Sarovar - Yes

Sarai - unknown

When Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji began his journey from Alamgir, he reached the town of Kot Kapura.

The mughal army had betrayed the koran and had sworn lies on it. The mughals were tracking Guru Gobind Singh to try and catch or kill him.

At Kot Kapura, Guru Gobind Singh asked Chaudhri Kapura (the founder of Kot Kapura) to let Guru Ji use his fort to fight the mughals, but Kapura refused to help.

So Guru Gobind Singh and his remaining Singhs arrived at the village Dhilwan Kalan, which was known as Dhilwan Sodhian at that time.

Kaul Sodhi lived in Dhilwan Kalan. Kaul Sodhi was a descendant of Prithi Chand (who was Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji's elder brother).

Kaul Sodhi and his four sons received Guru Gobind Singh with total respect. Kaul asked Guru Ji to change clothes and presented him with some white clothes.

A Sarovar existed in the village and Guru Gobind Singh took a bath in the Sarovar and changed into the white clothes. Guru Gobind Singh named the Sarovar as Godavarisar and said that a dip in this Sarovar would be the same as taking a dip in the Godavari River (which is located near Nanded in the State of Maharashtra State).

The river Godavari is known as Ganga of South and considered holy by some. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh tore the blue dress that he had been wearing since he left Machhiwara and burnt it in the fire. Guru Gobind Singh said, "I have torn the blue clothes that I wore and with that the rule of the Turks and Pathans will be at an end".

Guru Gobind Singh stayed at this place in Dhilwan Kalan for 2 days and then left for town Jaito on his way to 'Khidrane Di Dhab' (Sri Muktsar Sahib).

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