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Gurdwara Sri Chaubara Sahib Patti

Location - (approximate location) Patti, Tarn Taran, Punjab, India

Associated with - Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji

Sikh Artifacts - unknown

Sarovar - None

Sarai - unknown

Patti is a town in the Tarn Taran district of Punjab. Patti was the residence of mughal governor (hakim) of Punjab during mughal period. The original name of the town was Patti Haibatpura.

Before independence, Patti was a Tehsil of the Lahore district. The town houses the historic mughal fort and city wall remains of the period. It also houses a number of other historic and religious places.

It is said that Patti has 1000 year history. In the medieval times it was known as 9 Lakhi Patti. Which refers to the high revenue of 9 lakhs it generated. The Mirzas destroyed farms as they migrated to Lahore (Pakistan) in 1947.

The town is situated on a elevation which adds to its altitude. Patti houses a fortress built in 1755 AD which housed the local police station until 2003. Patti finds rich references in the Sikh history especially with regard to Sikh Genocide by the mughals. Patti is also referenced as the city of peers and there were many houses of peers who belongs to Gillani's family.


Once a large sangat carrying expensive Dushallas (blankets decorated with precious stones) was passing through Patti.

The Sikhs were on their way to visit Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. The dushallas were a special gift for Guru Hargobind. Unfortunately, it started raining and all the dushallas got wet. The Sikhs decided to dry the dushallas in Badami Bagh of Patti.

The mughal governor (hakim) of Patti heard about the expensive dushallas and became greedy. He looted the Sikhs, stealing the dushallas and other goods by force.

The Sikhs, however, succeeded in hiding one dushalla. When they reached the Darbar of Guru Hargobind, they presented the dushalla to Guru Ji and told him what had happened at Patti. Guru Ji pacified them. Bhai Biddhi Chand (sometimes known as Baba Biddhi Chand), who used to be a thief but had become a Sikh of Guru Hargobind, was sitting there. He could not tolerate what had happened and vowed to recover the dushallas.

Gurdwara Sri Chaubara Sahib Patti

Bhai Biddhi Chand went to Patti disguised as a woman, he offered to buy the expensive dushallas at a high price and showed a few dushalla's in his possession. The greedy mughals invited the disguised Bhai Biddhi Chand into the hakim's residence. The hakim asked the women to show the looted dushalla to get them evaluated so a price could be agreed.

Bhai Biddhi Chand wore a burqa (clothing worn by muslim women to almost completely cover themselves) and entered the harem. When the dushallas were shown, Bhai Biddhi Chand grabbed them and some gold jewellery and made a swift exit.

Gurdwara Sri Chaubara Sahib Patti was the location of the Hakim's residence where Bhai Biddhi Chand retrieved Guru Hargobind's property.

Gurdwara Sri Bhath Sahib

The hakim was made to look like a fool, he became extremely angry and had gates of the town closed. A house to house search was ordered. Bhai Biddhi Chand became trapped and needed to find a safe location to hide in.

Bhai Biddhi Chand could not find a place to hide except for a Bhathi (an oven), run by an old man, which was on fire. The hakims men were all around, Bhai Biddhi Chand had no choice and entered the hot oven along with the retrieved goods.

Far away, Guru Hargobind could feel the rising heat surrounding Bhai Biddhi Chand. Guru Hargobind asked a Sikh nearby to pour water on Guru Ji as otherwise Bhai Biddhi Chand would burn. With the blessing of Guru Sahib, no harm came to Bhai Bidhi Chand. After some time, Bhai Biddhi Chand came out of the bhath and to his surprise both he and the dushallas were safe, only the gold stolen against Guru Ji's orders had melted.

Bhai Biddhi Chand escaped out of the Patti and reached the Darbar of Guru Ji. Guru Ji was very pleased and gave him a siropa. Gurdwara Sri Bhath Sahib is situated at the place where the hot bhath once existed.

There is also Gurdwara Sri Bibi Rajni at Patti which has a separate story.

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